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Alona sp. (crustacean) mounted in Canada Balsam with crystals and other artifacts


spiny-backed orbweaver spider

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The clownish grin of a bridled parrotfish reveals its power tools: grinding teeth used to scrape algae from rock. Though sometimes destructive to individual corals, the fish’s efforts are mostly beneficial. Without them, algal growth could smother the reef. 


Macheirhamphus [Macheiramphus] alcinus - Bat Hawk

Bat hawks are not easy to quantify or determine the exact range of, thanks to their nocturnal habits (to match their prey of insectivorous bats) and proclivity for densely foliated trees around much of tropical Africa and Asia.

What we do know is that they’re pretty badass hunters. You know how fast those insectivorous bats can zip around you at night while they’re eating? Bat hawks can catch and eat up to 11 of them in just 18 minutes. Though they’re capable of catching feeding bats in the middle of their insect-hunting, most of the time the hawks just wait for the bats to leave the cave in the late evening and pick them off at that point.

Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, Vol VI. 1866.


Josue Martinez (Mexico) - Portfolio


The Incredible Hawk is angry and ready to smash some skulls! Thanks to your votes, this crazy cool mash up by Peter Kramer and Nathan W. Pyle is now up for sale over at Threadless. “Hawk Smash!

The Incredible Hawk by Peter Kramer and Nathan W. Pyle (Twitter)

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“Fear my crablike grip. Braaaaaaarp.”

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