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Destruction/Creation by Chris Slabber

"Inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso, I created my own series of paint in water sculptures. These were exhibited at KKNK 2014 at a gallery called Art Karoo.The idea behind this series was to show that from Destruction comes Creation. As the paint falls there is a constant point of creation, but at the same time it destroys itself.”


The “Reflection” series of older people looking at their younger selves in mirrors. Alzheimer’s prevents new memories from being retained and in many cases, those afflicted are left with memories of their youth. 

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Gilbert Williams, Abode of the Ancients


Daniel Martin Diaz

Sacred Machine is a museum and curiosity shop for the creations of world-renowned Tucson artist and musician Daniel Martin Diaz, and wife and co-founder of their band Blind Divine, Paula Catherine Valencia.


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Soul of Science Art book

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Fez by Miranda Meeks.

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Stephane Malka & Yachar Bouhaya | La máquina verde [The Green Machine] | Desierto del Sahara; Norte de África | 2014

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magictransistor: Jindřich Štyrský. The Bathe. 1934.

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Black Friday-The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall | Seph Lawless | Via

When they were built in the 1970s these two gleaming Ohio malls were symbols of the boom years in the U.S., and their wide walkways were filled with shoppers. 

Now the verdant foliage that decorated them has died off and the fountains inside are dry as store after store deserted the out-of-town malls. 

The demise of the Rolling Acres and and Randall Park Mall have been documented by photographer Seph Lawless, who remembers visiting them when he was a child and even had his first job at one of the them.



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Zdzisław Beksiński

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Yasuaki Onishi

hot glue art