The Buddha


Sculptures made by South Korean artist - Wookjae Maeng




A paradox.  After turning the machine on, its only function is to turn itself off.

I watched this for a good 5 minutes. Therefore, it deserves a reblog.

it’s a parabox.

This gives me a headache and i dont even know why

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Michael Carini | Astranomelly | Acrylic on Canvas | 78” x 120”

Watch the Time-Lapse Video

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The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary is a fantastical creature that was once believed to grow sheep as fruit. The sheep was connected to the plant like an umbilical cord, feasting on the leaves around it. It’s a pretty cool / weird critter!

This is for the Fantasy in the City show at Ltd. Gallery, opening July 18th - you can see the vegetable lamb is growing right in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris!

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The Godlike Mythological and Geometric Paintings of Miriam Escofet

My ‘arrival’ at painting has been a slightly unusual one, in the sense that I purposely set out to study a skills based 3D Design course, where I specialized in ceramics. My rationale for this being that I have always loved the ‘making process’ and I am very interested in the three dimensional and textural quality of objects and spaces. I worked in clay for some years after leaving Art College, whilst starting to get commissions for paintings (mainly watercolours at the time). The painting evolved from this  and eventually took up all my time. Drawing and making are still at the core of the work, but painting allows me to invent other spaces and ideas with no physical constraints.

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Sometimes I go back in time, and that’s where you know me from 

An excerpt from my upcoming show, “The Truth About Magic” opening at Phone Booth Gallery on July 19th)

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People say “professional”

when what they really mean is “not having visual/behavioral markers of being poor, disabled, or culturally ‘other’”

which effectively shuts out of professional careers the very people who are most likely to be in dire need of income

I see your bullshit

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The Legacy of Frackpool | Jason Lamb | Via

Chinese investment prompts the transitory integration of hydraulic fracturing within Blackpool, for the exploitation of shale gas. An unconventional approach towards hydraulic fracturing instigates urban regeneration and provides a framework which cultivates new industries, generates sustainable water systems and induces renewable methods of energy production.

Thirty-five fracking stations are integrated and a sustainable offshore community is constructed to offset effected communities. During fracking the station serves as a platform from which shale gas can be extracted, processed and distributed.

Over an 80 year timespan, the project speculates the transformation of Blackpool from an industrial Petropolis, to a less resource dependent and decentralized sustainable city. Industrial infrastructure once used for hydraulic fracturing is repurposed to process energy crops and grey water from the region. As a method of urban regeneration, the legacy plan aims to enhance socio-economic and well-being opportunities for communities in Blackpool.


Ernst Fuchs


Garden - Lindsey Carr

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